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3.0 eMTA / Router and Cable Modem Test Service

Complete CATV tests basic Cable Modem and eMTA parameters such as signal levels & SNR. In addition, we test device throughput and packet loss. For Packet Cable devices, we test each phone port individually for full functionality.

Our system simulates a live cable plant under worst-case conditions. Therefore, the device’s performance in this real-world environment.

Testing includes the following:

  • Modem and/or the CMTS ping test,
  • Query of the cable modem’s basic Data parameters using:
    • SNMP
    • System description
    • Firmware loaded
    • SNR
    • Power levels

We analyze these values and log them into the database to determine pass or fail.

Test provisioning server hardware generates traffic and measures the throughput and packet loss in both directions. This is very important when fully testing DOCSIS 3.0 channel bonding capabilities.

Pass/Fail reports give a complete failure analysis of all devices tested. Our tracking database stores reports and generates status reports of all devices. These Reports may be exported in an Excel file and sent to your email.